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The power of MANY.

The simplicity of ONE.

An API marketplace connecting banks, fintechs, service providers and developers with value-adding data, channels, functionality and opportunities.

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We offer you

  • The Open Banking Market is a curated API marketplace for discovering, evaluating and seamlessly integrating your apps with high-quality financial solutions from multiple banks and providers of fintech
  • Implementing and maintaining integrations has never been easier as you only need to manage your apps and keys in one place

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We offer our partners

  • Multi-Banking - a simple and cost-efficient alternative to integrate your own product with multiple banks, enhancing it with open banking capabilities such as financial data aggregation and account payments
  • Extended sales reach through our API marketplace where you can market and monetize your own API-based services

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Time to Market

Integrate with multiple banks faster and in simpler ways


Increase market exposure and find new business partners


Save time and money by focusing on your core business

We offer our partners

  • A secure & cost-efficient outsourcing solution removing the technical difficulties of Open Banking and PSD2 compliance
  • The perfect platform for scalable collaboration with fintech partners, monetization of your banking products as APIs and white-label banking strategies
  • Multi-Banking capabilities for enhancing your banking app to remain customers' primary choice for accessing their accounts

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Lowered cost

Save by outsourcing & utilizing third-party APIs

New Revenue Streams

Collaborate with fintechs, reach new customers & upsell in new channels through open banking APIs

Customer Retention

Allow customers to be in control by aggregating accounts in other banks

About Crosskey

As the leading Nordic provider of banking solutions, we are experts in security, simplicity and ease of use with integrated compliance.

Our customers include cutting-edge fintech companies and multiple Nordic banks, with an end-customer base of more than 3 million.

We now empower our end-customers to take control of their personal financial data and give consent to third-party sharing via Open Banking.

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